Lost access to OpenWrt on ASUS RT AC58U

I have a Xiaomi router connected to the internet and the ASUS RT AC58U connected to the Xiaomi router. Xiaomi has firmware from the manufacturer and never was flashed.
After flashing OpenWRT on ASUS, I was able to access the web UI and configure the router. I tried to make a bridge out of ASUS. I don't remember what exactly I did. I'm sure I disabled DHCP and assigned the IP address to the router and restarted the router. The router didn't pick up static IP. WIFI is off. Using the Xiaomi web UI I see the ASUS is connected and has a different IP address. I can ping it, the web UI is not accessible and ssh connection refused. The devices connected to the ASUS had a connection to the internet.

I tried to reset the router using the reset button. If I hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds - nothing happens. if I quickly press and release the reset button and press it again, after 5 seconds the power led blinks with quite a small frequency. probably about 1 blink per second. It keeps blinking for quite a long time. It doesn't seem like it is being reset.

i would be thankful for any advice on how to get back access to OpenWRT.
I don't have a laptop with the RJ45 connection. I have a Xiaomi router and Synology DS220j connected to ASUS via wires.

if you have an ethernet cable, you could try to put the ASUS between internet and the Xiaomi.

Connect LAN (ASUS) -> (WAN) XIAOMI, then see what IP the Xiaomi gets on the WAN interface, and try to access that IP through the browser.

If you disabled the DHCP, and there's no IP assigned to the Xiaomi, set a static IP on the WAN port on the same subnet as the ASUS.

If internet works or not, isn't relevant at this moment.

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I realized I can connect to Asus router using PlayStation's browser. It was enough. Thanks for the help!

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