Lost access to admin


I've configured my Xiaomi Mi router 4 as simple Access Point (openwrt 22.03.5).
It used to work except that sometimes, DHCP (relayed from this box to the DHCP master server) stopped to work. I had to power cycle the Xiaomi box.
I suspected that this was caused by the LAN interface on this box configured as DHCP client to get its internal IP so I changed the configuration to set as static IP.
After rebooting the box, the box still works as Access Point but impossible to connect on the static IP I've set (https/http nor ssh). ping the box doesn't answer.

Do you know how I could get back the access to the admin interface on this box please ?

Thank you.

Disconnect from your network, and access with pc with direct cable connection to your static IP ?

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Many thanks for your pointer !!

Failsafe mode did the trick.

Again: thank you for your response both !

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