Lost access of Router..Please help!

Hi Team,
I recently updated my router to Openwrt and mistakenly I messed up Lan port configuration and now am not able to connect it.

Please help!!!!!

Have you already tried failsafe mode?

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I tried few things but not able to get it to failsafe mode.

Then try to flash it again.

How?? I am not able to connect to interface.

Depends on the device, feel free not to provide additional info.

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Sorry. :slight_smile:

Device: TP-Link Archer A7 V5

Try tftp

Hi, Tried flashing it using above guide but didn't worked. It is not connecting to my router.

Any other guide????

TFTP is the last resort, unless you've got serial.

Flash not starting is usually because of enabled firewall, on the TFTP server host.

Serial to see what’s going wrong will make this easy