Losing connection to 4G phone on USB0

Hi there,

I have a BT HomeHub5a running OpenWrt 19.07 and I've configured my upstream to be an android phone running 4G and connected to my USB port on USB0 following the instructions on the OpenWrt wiki (very helpful, thank you).

My challenge is that it stops being able to communicate with the phone after a period of time that varies between hours and minutes:

  • I'm able to ping the interface on the router side but not on the phone side
  • I'm unable to reach google's DNS at

Attempting to restart the AnroidWAN interface from within LUCI makes no difference, I'm still unable to ping

Restarting the phone also does not work.

Restarting the router works, but only if I first unplug the USB cable to the phone AND unplug the ethernet cable to the downstairs WiFi (I have a 2nd BT HH5 that gets its upstream from the upstairs HH5), and once the front LED is solid blue, I can reconnect the cables and all is well again for some time... until it happens again. Rinse, repeat...

It makes no sense to me. I don't know how to tell if it's a routing problem or a DHCP issue or what...

I'd love a clue how to begin diagnosing the problem. My family is getting frustrated at the frequent drop-outs and I am, too!

Any help appreciated. jas...

I was read it may be a electric problem, your router may not provide enough amps
Try to use a powered usb hub.