Loosing access to the router after enabling the openvpn configuration

Hi all,

Am new to the forum but have been using openwrt for years now on different devices. Actually I won't buy a router unless it is supported by openwrt. Thanks a lot to the team for this great software.

Here's my issue:

Am trying to setup an openvpn (routed mode) connection to a remote server. But, as soon as I enable the configuration and start the openvpn service I can no longer ping and access the router via And I have to reset the router again and again.

I have been using softether client and it works great.

Here's the link to the guide am using to complete the setup

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Add to the VPN client profile:


Check for possible routing collisions in the client log.
Change your LAN subnet if required.

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Thank you very much vgaetera.

Changing the LAN subnet did the trick.

I am now connected through openvpn and everything is working fine except from stubby and adblock. I will create a new thread if needed.

Thanks again.

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