Loop TL-WR941ND v5

I took a TL-WR941ND v5 with a loop (it keeps restarting), to try to fix it.. I opened it, I put the serial cable in to see what was happening, and I have this screen in Putty.. Could anyone help me with how to install openwrt on it or put the original firmware again?

looks like the voltage and/or connection parameters for your serial interface ar e wrong.

Were you running or installing OpenWrt when this happened?

Also, it's really time to look at new hardware -- that is a 4/32 device and cannot run a modern version of OpenWrt -- the latest it can run is 18.06 which is EOL and unsupported.

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I got this router from the service, it had a very old version of openwrt and it wasn't working. I managed to reset via serial.. So I accessed it via the web interface and uploaded a sysupgrade file from version 18.06.9 that is available on the website.. It worked perfectly. Then I accessed it again via serial and tried to do this procedure in the photo to return to the original... But I ended up unzipping the firmware file in the root folder and not in the tmp folder

the parameters are correct, because I was previously able to access via serial

You might try booting into failsafe mode and performing a factory reset.

It's not possible since the reset button doesn't work... it turns on, stays on for about 3 seconds and restarts.


maybe you are damaged the bootloader ...
your last chance is tftp, maybe that part still work
get a dumb switch
attach to LAN port of your tp-link
attach to PC
set PC to
fire up wireshark
disconnect power from tp-link, press and hold reset button, connect the power while you holding reset button

with a little luck, you will see that bootloader try to get "tp-recovery" or some similar file from tftp

reset button doesn't work

Do that again. Crashing the OS should not disrupt the bootloader, you should get clean serial output at least until the kernel boots.

There is no way to repeat the reset command in failsafe mode, the router does not start...

It turns on, stays for about 3 seconds and restarts, only these characters appear.

Interrupt the boot and use bootloader commands to write firmware to flash. This is also a good way to return to stock, though you will need to "strip" the stock firmware down to only the part that is the flash image.

friend, there is no way to use any command, it stays on for 3 seconds and restarts...

When the serial says "Autobooting in X seconds" you need to quickly input 'tpl' and then it will stop and you'll get a bootloader prompt. Copy the password tpl to the clipboard then paste it into the terminal at the proper moment.

First of course you need serial to work clearly-- you did have that once. The problem there is usually the ground connection or using the wrong baud rate.

I've already done this type of process (type tpl) on other routers, but it's not possible to do it on this one.