Loop after sysupgrade in RB750GR3

I'm trying to install on my RB750GR3, after installing the kernel, when trying to flash through the sysupgrade interface it simply loops when completing the upload

what can i do to solve it?


When turning the openwrt-21.02.3-ramips-mt7621-mikrotik_routerboard-750gr3-initramfs-kernel.bin (4,77 MB)
works normally, when trying to flash the openwrt-21.02.3-ramips-mt7621-mikrotik_routerboard-750gr3-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin (4,81 MB) it restarts and loops
I tried to perform the installation through the web interface and through ssh, both result in the loop, I also tried to download the files again

Are you using the correct routersOS version?

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Its necessary downgrade firmware ;-;

Worked (No only RouterOS)

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