Looking to hire an OpenWrt developer

Hi! We're currently looking to hire a developer on a short contract to help speed up our development.

We are developing a platform around the Dragino LPS8 LoRa gateway, and need to make some changes to the OpenWrt system on it. The manufacturers supplied firmware is available on Github (https://github.com/dragino/openwrt_lede-18.06). We've successfully been able to compile this in the past and make minor changes.

Below is a list of the main tasks that we need to achieve. We hope to achieve the first 3 tasks within the next month, although sooner would be even better!

Please send me a message, or email me at development (at) cleverlogger (dot) com if you think you can be of assistance. We're based in Sydney, Australia, but are happy with remote work. If you'd like to do the work through a platform such as Up Work, that is certainly possible.


Task 1
Updating to the latest version of OpenWrt. I'm also not sure whether the manufacturer has implemented support for their own hardware in the correct way, so any advice on this would be appreciated.

Task 2
Help us develop a sane default configuration, so it's as easy as possible for our customers to get up and running

Task 3
Pre-configuration of LoRa settings. There are a number of screens that the manufacturer has created to set the correct details in regards to the LoRa radio. We want to remove all these screens, and instead have these settings remotely configured via our API.

Task 4
Add framework for a new simple GUI, while leaving the standard OpenWRT GUI in-place and accessible. We want a very basic GUI which 99% of our customers will use, with the standard OpenWrt GUI still accessible if the user chooses to configure advanced options. We have HTML designs for this page, but need to actually implement it. Ideally, this could use the JS API which seems to be new in the latest version of OpenWrt, instead of rendering the pages through LuCi.

You should perhaps ask this question also on the OpenWrt devel mailing list, since not all developers are reading the forum regularly.


Thanks everyone for all the responses. We found a developer and are making excellent progress on this project already.


If you're ever looking to setup a remote office or location in Newcastle, I'd be interested.

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