Looking to hire an Embedded Systems Developer

Hi All,

I hope it is OK to post this here.

We are looking to hire an Embedded Systems Developer with experience of OpenWRT. Location is Cambridge, UK and the salary is competitive

Here is the full job spec: https://netduma.com/careers/embedded-systems-developer/

If anyone is interested please get in touch.


so, effectively a custom build for the netgear XR500 with focus on fancy ui, sqm and blacklisting?

could you help out with a link to the sources?

That's a nice UI. One issue with the advert : Based in Cambridge, Netduma should make candidates aware that they will need to be British or EU citizens. Netduma should also state whether or not they sponsor non-EU applicants for employment H-1B visa status [ after Brexit this will change ]. Also it would be nice to read that Netduma is committed to equality and diversity in the workplace etc. :frowning_woman:

Applicants, ask for nothing less than £45K sterling and your own 4K iMac. And an espresso machine.

P.S. so nice to see good 'ol Netgear profiting from the OpenWRT project.

this page just tells me to download an old openwrt release ... not really helpful

(sorry if that was you point ;))

You'll have to contact them if you believe that there is more "open source" available. Just because some parts of a project are GPL-encumbered, doesn't mean that the entire project becomes "open source".


WOW :roll_eyes:

Hey, is it still actual? I have been working with OpenWRT in Mobilunity company. If you are still interested, i can contact with you, i think that it would be a good deal!