Looking for ZeroTier users

Hey all. I started working with ZeroTier last week; using it on OpenWRT was a huge factor in my adoption of it at two prior employers. I'm attempting to get some feedback on how folks are using it, as well as making folks aware of existing issues reported in the past. I hope it's helpful. Thanks!

I'm using ZT for remote access/support for family. Does what it says on the tin.
Small annoyance is that zerotier-cli join doesn't recognize the config 'name'.
Also I am curious of the bandwidth consumption when connected to ZT without any other devices in the network.

Otherwise, perfectly fine, pretty much works out of the box.


Thanks! Can you make an issue on https://github.com/zerotier/ZeroTierOne/issues better describing your CLI problem? Tag it as "Management" if it lets you.

As for the bandwidth question, my own experience has been that it's been largely negligent. Right now on my Win10 machine, my total amount of traffic on my ZT interface on the order of a few MB after 14 hours uptime.

well... on a 500MB pre-paid data sim - that's a lot. But yes, it does depend on the use case.

What kind of data are you looking to handle? I'm pretty sure the bulk of that traffic was accessing actual content.

My use case is remote support, so 99% of the time the remote box will be the only one connected to ZT. Once in a blue moon I need to ssh into it and edit configs.

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Ah. Well, if that's the case, I can't see traffic being too much of an issue. The packets for ZT are already compressed with LZ4, as far as I understand. You could look into making use of https://mosh.org/ for further improvements.

thanks, I'll have a look.

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here i am, also i'm doing some ZT experiments on a GL.iNet GL-AR750S. Actually, i installed the ZT plugin, configured it but i still haven't managed to ping local IPs of my net. I feel i'm pretty close to the solution, though. I think it's something related to the "managed routes" settings, but i haven't had more time to try, i will soon