Looking for VLAN / multiple ethernet interfaces device


we recently got a symmetric gigabit fiber in our living room (yay!), I want to use it to also provide some public services.

For this, I want to be able to control/limit the traffic between the ethernet ports. Detailed information on which routers are capable of this are hard to find (or have i been using the wrong search terms?); can someone recommend a recent and sufficiently powerful device for this?

Thanks in advance!


filogic has lots of spare cpu and hardware offload from mainline kernel, IPQ needs custom build for hardware offload, 7621 mips has slower CPU, can forward gigabit, but may not suffice for gigabit QoS.


After looking up all relevant candidates from the TOH, it seems that all common WIFI routers support VLANs these days. Great!

There are some bad eggs in the bucket, but in general meets your specs.


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