Looking for suggestions getting better speed over 4G/LTE

How can I have a very fast internet connection on my modem?
What can I do to increase the speed of the speedtest?
I have a 4g modem connected to the mt7620 via usb to the 4g module
When I compare the modem with similar modems (such as Huawei modem, etc.), and same speed test server and a modem isp same my modem is low speed.

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Please try to put the topic in the correct category and with a more informative title; that's of course if you want to have people read and reply to your post, which is probably the case.

It's difficult for me to understand what you tried exactly, what you want or how you want it.

1- Do you have OpenWrt on your mt7620?
2- you tried two different (or two similar) USB 4G modems and found that one (yours) is slower than the other?

If that's what you are saying then this will most probably have nothing to do with OpenWrt. Did you try the USB modems directly on a PC and found that they have comparable speed while on the router they have very different speeds?

Apart form all that, are you sure that the modems are of the same manufacturer doesn't mean they are similar, especially when the manufacturer is a big one like Huawei.

also did you try swapping the SIM cards to see if the problem (or the difference) is in the SIM cards (e.g. provider) or the modem.


I think this should be the case in the main part of the operating system, so I raised my question in this category.

  1. Yes I have installed openwrt on mt7620, which is connected via usb with a 4g module.

2-Yes, I chose the same modem for testing

I can one time to get a better speed once after the changes to the driver for connecting the usb module to the mt7620.

In general, I want to know what should be done for the best speed? Does sqm affect this?

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First, mt7620 isn't exactly a very fast chipset but probably isn't an issue unless you're using PPP mode instead of NCM (not all modems supports this mode). There's not much you can do aside from trying faster hardware and keep in mind that 4G/LTE speeds usually varies quite a bit depending on amount of users/load on your cell tower.

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When we use ncm, what exactly does our protocol look like? Gobinet or dhcp client?

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I developed the usb driver section and now I have a very good speed on modem, even better than the tp-link archer mr200 modem
But this is not a higher rate of sustainability. Sometimes the speed is much lower (about 10 mbps lower thans archer), but in the archer modem it is fast and stable .
How can I stable my modem speed?

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LTE speeds are very dependent on signal strength, interference, tower association, and the whims of the carrier. You should expect that they vary greatly with time.

Thank you very much for the explanation
Yes, I know this, but sometimes at a short time, for example has a two-minute speed change( between 10 . 15 mbps changed) which is not a problem with the archer mr200 modem.
Do you have any experience with SQM? Is there any solution with this problem?

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SQM smooths out your requests for data over milliseconds. It does not and cannot change the characteristics of the channel, just how you try to use it.

I would run SQM on the uplink only, set it to about the lowest uplink you have measured.

If you're in fringe coverage, antennas can really help especially on uplink. The transmitter in your modem is much weaker than the one in the tower.