Looking for successful PC hardware configuration for FIOS

Has anybody here built a PC (of any size) to use as a primary router (don't need wifi) for use with 1Gb/s FIOS?

I figured there might be some people who have already built one here before I go out and start randomly buying hardware.

There are som additional suggestions after the pc engines posts.

I'd probably go for the CR25ing/cr25wing on ebay, or roqos rc10, but they're harder to find.

thanks! That's helpful!

found quite a few listing

Thanks for the suggestions. It had not occurred to me that I could use a Pi4 with Gig adapter though. I have one of those unused that could adapt. Probably better to use that than to build a PC or buy something on ebay.

Yeah, they're quite common in US and UK.

I've bought one (non w), for $20, but haven't received it yet.

@frollic why can't use just use a simple unmanaged gigabit switch with rpi4, instead of using USB to ethernet?

For doing what?

Jeff mentioned a few use cases here. RPi4 to be used as router and add one of these USB drives as a Wifi stick

You need two interfaces. One for WAN and one for LAN. Rp4 only has one gig ethernet port. You would need to use an adapter with the rp4 USB 3 port to have two NIC interfaces.

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What @Danathar says, you could probably also do a single port, and VLANs, but that's probably not worth the hassle, considering an USB ethernet adapter is less than 10$/€.

Oh yea, I suppose you could do VLANs. That would certainly be interesting. That being said, if you don't already own a managed VLAN switch with tagging capability it would be more expensive to get the switch than a USB 3 adapter to have two real NICs.


USB 3 on rpi4 does affect the wifi or other equipment, I personally experienced it with rtl-sdr radio.


Yea, I've read something similar here


Good to read somebody else who has done this though. Seems viable.Thanks!

and there is another solution too, which are actually based on OpenWrt.

Yeah, but that's going to be more than 10$/€.

Yes. When I upgraded my connection, I setup a x86_64 with an e1000e dual port NIC made from old and spare parts.

(Mine cost $0 of course, if you have to make purchases, shop wisely!)