Looking for Router for VPN client 32Mbit/s

Hy, i want to buy a openwrt capable router for my mom. It has to act as a vpn client connecting to my vpn provider. (2nd Vpn client on demand connecting to me(optional))

Her connection speed is ~32Mbits down and 4,5 Mbits up
There are 2 PC clients (mom and brother) and their 2 Smartphones, 1 SmartTV (ETH - rarely used) and 1 Chromecast (Wifi - local stream only)
She needs 3 Eth ports (Gateway, MomPC, TV)
5Ghz wifi would be nice

Archer C7 fits those requirements but i don't know it its fast enough since encryption is cpu heavy and it only clocks at 750Mhz. I really don't want to lose half her bandwidth since its bad enough already.

also i just read on mullvads page that openvpn on openwrt has a bug and i have to repeat steps everytime router gets restarted.
Is that a thing? if so openwrt would be no option. i can't do 24/7 techsupport therefore the machine has to survive a restart.

What do i buy?
Budget ~100€

C7 should be capable for 32 Mbit on Openvpn but to be sure suggest to use Wireguard instead of Openvpn.

I think faser just mistyped what he meant.

To be clear, an Archer C7 will NOT do anywhere near 32 Mbps on OpenVPN. See here (QCA9563): OpenVPN Performance

If you can use Wireguard (and why wouldn't you, since you decide the protocol for setting up a secure tunnel to your VPN), then 32 Mbps will be no problem on a C7: Wireguard Performance.

If you need to hit 32 Mbps with OpenVPN though, you'll need an ipq806x target.

Well not directly mistyped, my "should" just should have been read as "may can" I achieved in the past 24Mbps with Openvpn on my C7 so thought it might be able to go a bit higher (depending on the encryption algorithm).

But yes, wireguard is the way to go when you want to reach 32Mbps without a burning CPU.

thank you, i will buy the c7 and use wireguard.

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