Looking for reviewer - PR adding new MT7981 device

In my country Bolivia recently went on sale the Confiabits MT7981 routers. Reviewing similar experiences in this forum with other routers that share chip, plus other commits, I prepared a PR to give this device OpenWrt support.

I saw that in other forum threads such a PR could go unchecked or ignored for quite some time, and that it was difficult to make progress if the user didn't do his own testing and compilation.
In my case I can test and compile everything needed to support it. What else do I need?

I have tested a lot of router functionality (correct MAC addresses, full LED support, USB, UART, testing on 2+ routers, etc) and everything I could test works fine. Besides the PR in main, I have a commit ready in my fork for the openwrt-23.05 stable, which I don't know if I can put a PR now or if it's better to wait for the main PR to be merged first.

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I always waited for the commit to be accepted and then I did a cherry-pick of it to the 23.05 branch.

Just be a bit patient, there aren't so many developers with commit rights and it takes them some time to go through all the PRs.

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