Looking for reliable router for cellular and metal ceiling

I have a friend who just moved. It is a nice place but it has a valted metal ceiling. He lives in the middle of nowhere so cellular is his only choice. He is on the waiting for starlink. What is a good AND stable router these days? I used to recommend various Linksys models, but they haven't been the most stable. I have WRT32X that still crashes even with current firmware. He will have about 15-20 wireless devices so I was thinking maybe a separate AP? The space is 40x80 feet so not large. The walls are wood construction. What do think would work best?

The Belkin RT3200 is popular for OpenWrt now, but it can be difficult to find for sale outside the USA.

Since cellular signals arrive horizontally from a terrestrial site, wall material is more important than the ceiling for reception inside. How well do cell phones work inside? MikroTik has some decent outdoor LTE modems, not presently supported by OpenWrt but the stock firmware is fine (probably preferable) for use as a simple bridge access with their own-brand modem modules.


Thank you for the information. We both live in the USA so there shouldn't be any problems getting one. I will look at the Mikrotik stuff. It really works great. I even had a few of their routers, but then OpenWRT dropped the target because of a few technical issues.

Belkin RT3200 is available in Europe as well.
Another aproach will be to get either an USB stick 4G or an internal modem (eg mini-pci) and attach an external antenna. Start taking readings of the best reception for the signal and place it there.
in one of my installations the customer had the communication room two storeys under the earth and i had to use two external antennas to get a decent 4G reception signal. it costed me 4euros each.

External antennas are probably going to be needed. Cell phone service is only 2 bars outside the building. 1 bar inside.

that signal reception is not really good. Give it a try with external antennas and take readings of the signal reception to find the ideal spot.