Looking for Openwrt Compatible Router recommendation

Hi everyone,

I would like to replace my Xiaomi 4a gigabit edition Router which is running the latest Openwrt right now. Im very happy with this device and it was able to handle my 1000mbit down / 50mbit up connection without any issues. The only reason I would like to replace it is because I want a device with 4 gigabit eth ports instead of 2. I was looking to get the cudy x6 router but it doesnt seem to be supported by openwrt anymore at its current version. So now I am not sure witch one to get, preferably one that is not that pricy.

Where are you, geographically?
Different regions will have different recommendations.

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Another idea would be to keep the router and add a small GBit-capable ethernet switch. When you're looking for a used device, it might even be the cheaper solution than to replace the router.


Im based in Germany

Any reason you don't want a separate gigabit switch??
You don't need to setup the whole thing again, just plug a new switch.