Looking for LTE 5G boards or devices that OpenWrt supports

As topic.

I did some research and found a few boards. Looking for answer and advises.

The intended usage is to serve as 5G modem and wireless router.

pc engines apu board seems too slow.

two newer zbt routers based on IPQ8072A and MTK7621A. However, they are not on openwrt supported hardware list.

An x86 AMD board with M2 but doesn't have sim slot.

My questions are:

  1. I know the chips are supported but the devices are not. Can I compile a generic firmware for the router? Or how to make it works with those routers?

  2. Ideal board but doesn't have any sim slot on the board. The board doesn't have any mini-pcie neither. It is all M2 slots without any sim slot. How to get around this?

Thank for answering.

How about Zyxel NR7101? That's supported and 5G.

Thanks. Will look into this.

  1. make the board without any sim slot work.
  2. compile a generic firmware.
    as these option are cheaper and the AMD board has the best hardware.