Looking for IT Tech to set up Proxy in OpenWRT

Hi, I have been struggling to have my OpenWRT router configured with a proxy that routes all the traffic.
I am willing to hire any tech that can do it. I am literally done trying to do it myself.


Literarily you need to serve http://wpad.lan/wpad.dat javascript with proxy configuration from uhttpd webroot in /www

Thank you for your replay, but I am unfamiliar with your suggestion on how to do this.
That is why I have decided to just pay someone to do it.
Someone will want to make $300 for this eventually and I will be here ready for that person.


Not the right place to ask.

where do you suggest?

Local gig board, or ask your provider to make PAC file and upload it to your router (Web Proxy Auto Discovery protocol uses Proxy Auto Configuration files and is not relates to Wireless Protected Access Daemons in OpenWRT)

Some more info required:

  1. Just http/htps-proxy required ?
  2. I assume, you want explicit proxy, to be configured in clients browser or using wpad. Correct ?
  3. Cache/no cache ?
    Any special functions required, i.e. access logs, blocked web sites ... ?
    May be, I am interested in such a job.
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