Looking for instructions to set up multi VLAN trunk on 22.03 with built in br-lan and switch

Device is Archer A7 and it has a built in switch. I thought I could just add my VLANS in the switch and pump it out one port as tagged, then add my interfaces for each with static IP and be good. Some network traffic between VLANS didn't pass that way, some did, very weird.

I'm seeing in some videos that OpenWRT 21 or 22 changed things a bit and now I'm supposed to set something up in network, devices, go under the br-lan and define some Bridge VLAN Filtering under there. Unfortunately the instruction I was looking at didn't have a router with a built in switch so it just doesn't help much.

Apparently to get this right I'm going to need instructions that deal with;

  • OpenWRT 22
  • Example router with built in switch
  • Goal of putting out tagged traffic to a managed switch "trunk" port.

This is what I'm starting with for just the default config and I'm getting mixed up with all the existing tagged traffic already.

The ath79 based Archer A7 i still using swconfig, so 'the old way' of setting up VLANs.

Interesting, do you know of a article that might guide me in that setup?