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I have no idea if I'm in the right place or not.. I recently bought a 5g modem/router combination from chester tech repairs. The model I selected has a Quectel CAT19-RM520N-GL modem and Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 board.. I asked these guys who developed the firmware and what I was told is that "it's running LEDE, not openWRT".. hints my confusion regarding if I'm in the right place.. I attached a screenshot of the management page.. there's no identifying information other than it says "mesh+ 5g cpe smart wifi system".. screenshot attached.

Anyway, upon logging into the management page I was disappointed to see that there is no ability to create a VPN TO my home network like whats available on the Netgear ax1800.. I am well aware I could put another device behind my modem.. it would just be nice to have this feature imbedded into the firmware of the modem..I'm sure it's possible.. if anyone if familiar with this modem and/or the firmware it's running, would you please point me in the right direction... I'm looking for the source/developers so I can submit feature requests or even tinker (and probably brick) this device.

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For all practical purposes, you can think of LEDE as version 17 of OpenWrt, but with a weird name.

However, that screenshot does not look like LEDE at all, perhaps they are using a modified version.

Thank you very much for the clarity!

Oddly enough, upon purchase of the modem I had to submit an approval to get the latest firmware from the guy.. correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that he would need to make the source code publicly available considering it's based on a open source platform..

Open source violations are a grey and muddy area...

and can't afford expensive lawyers.

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