Looking for help with DAWN


I just got done flashing all my routers and getting things configured. My setup is as fallows. I have a Netgear CM2050v modem with gigabit from Comcast feeding a Belkin RT3200 with OpenWRT. Connected to the RT3200 I have a few PC's and a TP-Link 5 port switch. The switch is connected to two Cudy AC2100's with OpenWRT. The Cudy units are setup as dump AP's using the openwrt configuration guide with fast roaming enabled on all three devices.

I was doing some research on OpenWRT and came across DAWN. I had never heard of it before. The article was talking about how it is recommended to install DAWN on your access points. I already have all three devices using fast roaming. Will this interfere with the proper operation of DAWN? The AP's are setup as dumb AP's.

I have downloaded Luci DAWN. If I am correct it does not look like it needs to be configured? As there is no way to configure it via Luci DAWN. From what I have read it does band steering and load balancing. Should I be using DAWN on the main router too? The Belkin RT3200? If this is something that is going to benefit my network I want to make sure I have it installed correctly.