Looking for guys with Linksys EA3500

Does anybody still have Linksys Audi EA3500?

We need someone to test PR:


At this moment there is big chance, that first posted PR [cropped] will be dropped because we find better solution than change partition size. Everyone, who want test please look:

@arrmo @dmitrox @jack338c @m7mdcc @mike @murraydr44 @onefreeman @psyborg @ukiltmybrutha @ximibaba


Trying to understand (as the PR is quite lengthy) - why increase the kernel size? And is it the case that as part of the install / sysupgrade, all settings on both partitions will be lost?


At this moment kernel in snapshot images is too big for the Audi kernel partition. It doesn't fit, so Adrian disabled images generation.

We have two ways:

First was easy, change kernel partition size. But this method will break sysupgrade and all sysupgraded devices will be soft bricked.

Second method You can find in another PR:

It moves some part of kernel to modules. It is legacy from older images generation methods for some Kirkwood devices. Now it isn't required. This method will keep sysupgrade -n quite easy.

I'd be happy to test, but I don't have mine anymore unfortunately.

Do i need to update to 19.07.2 and compile my own custom image?

I have both EA4500/EA3500 that I use and update on my small network, are there any special PR instructions i need to follow?


Thank You for answer. You are the first known ea3500 active user. :slight_smile:

If You want test recent changes, please look PR:

At this moment, You need to compile own image. There was big change merged last week (movement from swconfig to DSA), so You can't keep config, because it was completely changed.

Edited: Creating an image that I normally do, does boot as I'm able to configure to my normal specifications for my network, I'll have it connected later this evening, my family is here so I can't switch out just yet.


Is there anything in particular that you would like to see using cli then I can zip it and send it to whom it may concern? Performance seem pretty solid for my small network so far.


If wifi and Ethernet work, please only check if usb work.

Yes wifi and ethernet work very well for my internet connection, however I do not have bandwidth over 30/4 and didn't find anything wrong with configuring wifi or network settings(lan/wan)the luci openwrt theme is much more responsive than luci material for google chrome. I have the kernel log to show usb being connected and disconnected as well, no side effects when connecting usb or removing it as well, is there a kmod to use with the usb from opkg as I really don't use usb at all, maybe suggest a kmod to install so may check further what you are looking for on the usb itself.


Could You paste bootlog with usb connection and disconnection?

One more thing:
I would like add info about You in "tested-by" field in commit message. If are You ok with that, please paste Your real name and email.

The log is over the limit to upload do you have another suggestion?

Do i need to add it in the forum as i'd rather keep away from the forum?


You can paste it here: https://pastebin.com/ or in multiple posts.

If You don't want share Your name in public, I will put only Your forum login.

That's fine.

EA3500 log

In the log it state errors with wifi or antenna but there isn't any issue when I'm using either 2.4 or 5 radio networks they are set to defaults for right now, as I haven't configured anything yet, but performance is very good and has been since 18.07 or somewhere around there. I read some issues with users can't flash it back then even up to now which I don't know their particulars but I had this flash back with lede when the firmware first come out and haven't used oem since then performance has always been great except for wireless but then but that change since 18.07 up to now performance is much better, although for my bandwidth isn't a lot, it works great for the bandwidth I have.



Thank You for help.
Wifi error are in logs since 3.14 kernel: https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/ea3500#openwrt_bootlog

Yes I've seen them before but it doesn't really effect the performance, the wifi works no doubt, this model is a favorite of mine like the EA4500 just too bad it's doesn't support "ac" but it's okay I'm not complaining.


i just found one of these and was looking into it. i would be willing to do whatever with it but im far from an expert on these things. was wondering if anybody knew how the cpu performance of these compared to the r6220 with dual thread (or was it dual cores?) 880mghz mips 1024kc (?)