Looking for guidance as a new NanoPi R2S user

Looking for advice from NanoPi R2S users! I've ordered one to set up as my primary OpenWrt router, connected to my old router for wireless internet access.

Seeking tips and suggestions before I start:

  • Any must-knows?
  • Recommended build to flash?
  • Visual tutorials to follow?
  • How to optimize hardware usage for better performance?
  • Running it on a microSD card, any tips to extend its lifespan?
  • Any performance mods to enhance the experience?
  • Will usual smartphone chargers be enough to power this device?

Am planning to run SQM, AdGuard Home, and WireGuard initially.

Excited to hear from the community! Thanks for your suggestions in advance :smiley:

I only used the official build from Firmware Selector, and to reduce wearing I use SquashFS one, nothing much to worry about. My R2S is newer one so it actually comes with USB-C instead (but it's not the same as R2C), standard 5V2A power can drive it properly, I used it with Pixel phone USB-C charger which works well.

How much free space will be free for installing other packages if i use a 32gb sdcard in squashfs format? I was going through some of the comments in similar threads regarding less available space for the same and further attempts being to resize partitions. Being a newbie into the stuff I don't understand the process and success rates entirely. @frollic @fakemanhk you guys know about it? Also should i overclock the cpu? If yes can you guide me with the procedure?

Using a squashes:ed 32GB card, you could probably install all available packages for your platform.

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Can i flash the squash sysupgrade image directly for the first install?

You've already ordered everything, why not give it a try first? Most answers can be found once you start working on it.

I have gone through most of the threads regarding this hardware to ensure I am well-prepared. Thank you for your advice. I will be receiving the unit soon.

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I am stuck with this issue since long. Would appreciate if someone helps me out. Thanks!

Not talking about going to internet, are you able to go to R2S Luci with your WiFi clients? If that's issue with your TP Link, my understanding here is, your direct LAN clients can work with R2S without issue then it's not OpenWrt's problem.

I can only access tplink's admin page at in this case but not for luci at while connected via wifi

Then there is nothing to do with OpenWrt I believe, issue should be on your AP.

I decided to flash the tplink with openwrt and this script did the job for converting my router to dumb AP.

The lack of internet access was due to my dumb AP having the same MAC address as my primary router.

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