Looking for e2000/wrt320n form 11ac capable device

Hi there,

I'm looking for a replacement for my e2000 device:

  • e2000/wrt320n form (internal antennas)
  • 11ac capable device
  • gigabit switch
  • lede 17.01 support desired (trunk only support is acceptable)


LEDE supported + 11ac supported:


how can i sort for internal antennas ?

Enter "-" in column Detachable Antennas.

I really like the Netgear R6100 (which is in that list). It is nice looking to put in a living room etc. The internal antennas have good coverage. It has had stable release builds for a long time and is very easy to flash, and easy to revert to stock if you ever wanted to. It uses less than 3 watts of electricity and does not run hot. Downside is no GbE. That wasn't on the OP's list but it is something that most people should want as everything gets faster in the future.

yeah..forgot to add the gigabit switch so r6100 is NO GO