Looking for dual USB, 4 Gigabit ports, wifi not needed

Can anyone recommend a dual usb router that is low cost and supports Gigabit ethernet with more than 2 ports? Thanks
USB version does not matter. small form factor preferred. looking to use as a load balancing gateway for dual cell service and trying to avoid buying a switch.
at the moment, looking to buy raspberry pi, unmanaged switch. about $60 budget.

you will want a managed switch. check the TPlink sg108e for budget choice, with an RPi4 it's all an excellent choice.

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why a managed switch tho?

Because it's about $15 more and WAY more flexible for multiple purposes. Most people who would make their way to this forum and want to load balance two WANs will eventually want something only a managed switch offers, like isolated VLANs or a LAG port for a NAS or something.

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espressobin board, or the newest espressobin ultra...
twice from GlobalScaleTechnologies !

Thanks for the suggestions. These boards seem to limit things and be at or more the price of pi and switch.

Apart from your budget, APU 4D2 or APU 4D4 fits the technical specification.

More system resources wouldn't hurt and you can even run services (nextcloud, full-fledged squid etc) within docker containers on this device.

thanks for the suggestion, never heard of this manufacturer. Will take a look at their offerings tho the price is a bit over my budget.
Do you know of a board manufacturer that produces the firewall/routing hardware with a few ethernet ports and USB? I see these support sim but I could get around with using an adapter. Thanks

If single USB port works for you, then Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD should do. It has 1 MII ethernet and a 4 port switch and 1 USB.

Powered by a 600 MHz MIPS CPU with 128 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash has enough system resources. Only downside is single USB port but you can add a USB hub to add two dongles.

Edit: Just re-read and realised that you require Gigabit Ethernet. For that Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD is suitable. It has a 5 port Gigabit switch, 1 USB and same amount of system resources.