Looking for dir-505 like device, but faster hardware

I am looking for a dir-505 like device.
but with: faster CPU , USB Port , gigabit ethernet

ToH does not help to find a device like dir-505 ( plugs directly into wall power outlet )

Maybe the Tagged view till help.

The concept of "travel router" has all but died out, I guess because it's not as unusual to find a wifi hotspot in your hotel as it was like ten years ago and the market just isn't there anymore.

I suppose the best bet nowadays would be wifi/range extenders. With OpenWrt, those can and do function exactly the same as the DIR-505, but unlike travel routers they have been updated with somewhat contemporary hardware, and most of them are designed to plug into a wall outlet. I am not aware of any that have a USB port, though.


none of these have USB or sdcard (to expand storage)

Right. So there may actually be nothing that exactly fits your bill. Blame the market.

Edit: You may consider something that does not plug into a wall outlet, but at least runs on somewhat-universal USB power supply. I hear GL.iNet makes some nifty small devices (no personal experience with those, though). If you're traveling you are probably taking a USB power supply along anyway, make it a non-crappy one and you should be good to power a travel router alongside whatever else you're charging.

I'1m using DIR-505 too for a personal project, but looking for a substitute too.
I saw GL.iNet too in the last days. They came with OpenWRT from factory.

And they have USB too.