Looking for Development Team on a Dynamic Update Service

I have recently acquired a short domain and my intention with this domain is with whoever is interested, that we build a free dynamic hostname service that allows registration by inserting an NS record of any subdomain that a user wants to register so that can be managed at dns.he.net and/or offer an equivalent A and AAAA record update service as a native service, with a subdomain expiration of 6 months in such a way that no user saturates the service or abuses it.
These services are intended for anyone that like to play around with the reverse DNS record for their assigned IPv6 segment on TunnelBroker and with the help of dns.he.net or for those who have ever had to use the terrible NoIP service that tries to charge you for any other record besides the type A or for anyone that have ever tried using the Freenom service that if the domain achieves a lot of traffic they take it away arbitrarily off the user.
If someone is interested, send me a PM to talk about it!

HE does dynamic forward updates, what is there to develop?

If you can delegate the subdomain to someone, there's noting on your part to do fruther. Do they allow you to API your account and provide a service to others?

Also, you wouldn't control delegation of a Reverse Zone, the ISP would (your statement assumes everyone uses HE Tunnelbroker). Although they could use the hostname you provide as their PTR reply, of course.

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My point is to create such a website that allows a user to register a free subdomain such as NoIP, but this time you can change the NS record so the user may be allowed to point the subdomain for example to the DNS servers of HEnet (and not just them, any server they ant but complying to some normal restrictions), so that way the user can do whatever he wants with the subdomain records and not being ripped off charging them to handle other types of records besides A type.

My idea is to have three servers, one that handles the API and two that handles the DNS records, that way, you don't have a limited registry.

When you have a registered IPv6 tunnel, you can delegate the routed/64 addresses to whatever rDNS server you want, if you set them up for ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4 and ns5.he.net, if you have a dns.he.net account you can manage the Reverse Zone of such IP pool if you point a domain or subdomain with NS records to the same ns servers then you can manage also the domain records and then you can register properly the reverse records.

AFAIK Cloudflare (which is also a DNS registrar) has API to update dns records for the domain you own. Maybe I didn't fully understand how what you're suggesting is different, but I'm sure that if CF doesn't fully satisfy a lot of people, other solutions would have been developed by now.

With CF or HEnet, you need to own a domain to fully handle the records paying for such domain.

My idea is to deliver a service to a user so they have the ability to manage how they want to use their subdomain free of charge, by registering any pointing DNS server they want to manage the records or if they don't want or know on how to manage their records, provide a service like NoIP with our servers but also will support the use of IPv6 AAAA records and some other things that NoIP charges you for it with no really need or that they don't support at all like handling a reverse zone if they own a whatever version of IP range to be delegated.

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How do you plan to cover the operating costs of the service?

Initially some of them, and others with the help of Google Ads on the main site. No intentions whatsoever to bother with such ads on other parts of the service, just the main site.