Looking for developer to port OpenWrt to Ubiquiti products

We are wanting to pay for a developer to port OpenWRT to the following devices -

ER‑12, ER‑12P

Please respond with previous experience, developer creds, and quotations.

please post FCC ID for each one

it helps determine how easy / hard or if its possible at all

These aren't wifi routers, ethernet only -


the SOC for these is Cavium CN7130

marketed as part of the Marvell Octeon TX III series

support for Octeon TX was added, however no one has added a board to it yet, only images that can be loaded over TFTP

it would be a very difficult project without an example

We will provide access to the various hardware models for development / testing

when I say "example" I mean, that someone else has successfully added another board with this architecture, but this would be the first.

I would wait until another board has been added...

Are you sure its an Octeon TX and not Octeon3?

My device is a CN7020, the ER-4 is a CN7130, both boards are supported by OpenWrt (and both Octeon3, not OcteonTX LiquidIO). Is there some special-sauce about the ER6?

Edit: You could always send me one and I can see about getting it added. I'm persistent, if nothing else

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my bad I confused TX and III haha