Looking for a router with MoCA support

I am looking for an OpenWRT-compatible device that has built-in MoCA support. It should ideally support Gigabit speeds, but I'm curious what's out there and lower speeds might be acceptable depending on the price and what's even available.

I can oubviously hook up a seperate MoCA adapter over Ethernet, but as I haven't bought an OpenWRT router yet, it would be nice to have this built in.

For those curious, MoCA is a technology that lets you bridge Ethernet connections over existing coax cables running through the walls. Its generally faster and more reliable than Powerline.

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I'd never heard of MoCa until I read this. How amusing - we've gone back to using coax for networking, which the old timers amongst us will recall as being one of the least reliable forms of Ethernet ever invented :slight_smile:

It seems to be a very North American thing, having coax run throughout the house.

Doing a cursory search it appears that there are very few devices available, but I'm in the UK and my search results are biased. Apparently there's at least one Verizon branded router that has a port on board though!

Many people here in Europe, that have/had Satellite TV at some point in their houses will have set up a star-topology with Coax cables to distribute it through the house from a central multiplexer.

I'm almost 100% sure there is no such device but I'm ready to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

The CR1000A. I don't know if it is ready or if the MoCA function is supportable though. There is a big thread about this device:

I'm maintaining unofficial openwrt fork for CR1000a. MoCA support is not there: it requires kernel driver which is not available (gpl violation, but someone has to bring Verizon to court to fix that).

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Thanks for the replies. I've bought a separate router and MoCA adapter in the meantime.

I live in Germany though. I'm sharing an internet access with the apartment below mine. I don't want to drill a hole into the floor and Powerline won't work between the two apartments, but there's an otherwise unused coaxial cable intended for cable TV running directly between the two.

That sucks. Sadly I doubt anyone with enough money will ever care enough

I wanted to do something similar, but with VDSL over Coax extenders - they work actually fine and were dead cheap (used). In the end, however, I went with PowerLine as the Coax cables are owned by the cable company. PowerLine was working fine for years, contrary to what advertising wants us to believe.

In your case, you should also be able to use WiFi or is the other flat not directly beneath?

Note that MoCA is not the only option, you can use DECA devices as well, see Powerline adapter vs tri-band router

MoCA is super fast and very reliable. Best option after Ethernet, especially for prewired homes and congested areas.

Best bet right now is FCA252 adapters for 25 on eBay: 2.5G Ethernet port + MoCA 2.5 + options to create 2nd MoCA networks on non standard bands

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It is directly beneath and I've used Wifi for this for several months, but its too slow and unreliable to be a permanent solution.

From my understanding, DECA does basically the same thing as MoCA, and while it is a lot cheaper, it is also a lot slower.