Looking for a OpenWrt expert to help me

Openwrt Router expert

  • Need to communicate with Openwrt routers
  • You should be able to fetch the data and communicate with the PHP (OOPS & CI) enabled database (MySQL)

Need the following:

  • I need to have a data from router end such as internet data consumption, download, upload per user connected to the wifi
  • Session start and session end time with router per user
  • Reason for termination of connection with router when user disconnects.
    Did they disconnect because it’s out of range
    Did they disconnect because they logged out
    Or was it a time out from our router

I need someone to help with with this and I'm ready to pay!

This is not feasible. Good luck with the search!

Maybe I should have been more specific. When I say reason I meant was it forced by the individual or was it a time out or lost connection which could mean the person went out of range

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