Looking for a new budget router

Hello there. Total newb here. I’m looking a new router. I currently have spectrums internet base plan, 200down and 10up. I live in the US. I got a budget of a 100$.

My currently Netgear R6400 router shows inconsistent speeds when I run test on my iPhone. I also lag quite a bit, there’s about 10 devices connected at ounce most of the time, 2 of them being PS4’s.

Looking up routers for gaming is what pretty much lead me here. I found out openwrt has something called SQM, which from what I read is the next gen of QoS and also there’s a lot of customization in openwrt.

I came across one router called the IQRouter but have read that’s it’s just a tp link archer C7 router with SQM being the main feature. So I was thinking about just getting a archer C7 instead and putting openwrt myself.

Not too sure if there’s a better router out there within my budget that openwrt supports. Any recommendations would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for reading.

So the IQrouter is based on OpenWrt, and sqm, but they added a lot of bells and whistles on top, like automated speedtests to adaptively set the traffic shaper to follow the available bandwidth and update notifications. Great product if you want a no hassle home-router that just works.
I am not sure though whether an C7 will allow traffic-shaping at you 200/10 Mbps plan, but I am sure others on this forum will know from 1st hand experience.

There are quite some threads in this forum about recommended routers for different requirements that include low-cost like https://forum.openwrt.org/t/whats-your-favourite-cheap-lede-openwrt-device/1362.

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Linksys EA6350 v3 or Zyxel NBG6617 is a good choice for you requirements and budget.

I'm on the same Spectrum plan (200/10) and my Linksys Wrt1200 v1 runs great on it, get my contracted speeds consistently with no problem, but, I've never been happy with sqm on it, with down/up set at 95% my down speeds get stuck at around 120 no matter what settings I use. I really don't know that much about sqm and that may be normal, or a cpu limitation, I think @moeller0 may be able to explain better, having said all that I'm happy with it otherwise and you should be able to find a used one for $80-90.

Thanks guys for the replies. I think I’m gonna just go with a edge router x and use my existing router as a access point.

If you're fine with ethernet only go for the Espressobin, ARM64 vs MIPS.

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