Looking for a luci plugin for currently bandwith used

Hello, i own a TP-Link TL-WR1043N/ND v4 .. and recently installed openwrt.
Since there are alot of TVs, PCs connected to it.. i wish to have a plugin to LUCI, that can show me real time bandwith ussing any of them.. and bandwith per month.. or something...
Like... - curently ussing 2mb/s - month used 2000gb

Or something like that... Would be possible?

opkg install luci-app-nlbwmon
opkg install bmon ( not sure if this is needed too? )



ok.. got it installed.. it is nice ! but it shows just the traffic it made..
It`s is possible. to see the speed? the live ussing? i mean with what speed they are downloading/uploading...

Not that one. I think there are other packages that shows live but not historical.

And there is YAMon; it does both live and historcial, though it requires a USB drive to log the data

Check out luci-app-statistics

it uses collectd and rrdtool to generate all kinds of graphs and historical statistics. There are many plugins available for luci, take a look at collectd-mod-* collection of packages.

The default save dir is to /tmp, so all history is lost on reboot, however you can easily change the output dir to a usb if needed.