Looking for a cheap OpenWrt device w/ Gigabit Ethernet

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a cheap (max. 30 Euros) OpenWRT device with

  • 2.4 and 5 Ghz Wifi
  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • at least 8 MB Flash (16 MB would be better) and 64 MB RAM
  • supported by a stable OpenWRT version
  • available in Germany
  • doesn't have to be a new device, used ones or EOL are also okay
  • low energy consumption
  • external antennas

Until now. I found the TP-Link Archer C2 v3 (AC900), but it seems to have slow wifi performance (Support for TP-Link Archer C2 v3).

Do you have any further suggestions? Thanks!

Some inspiration (in case you havn't seen it yet): What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

What about TP-Link Archer C7? You can buy it second hand on Kleinanzeigen for around 30 EUR+delivery.

Archer C7 are quite nice, I have 4 of them, running 18.06 and didn't try 19.07. But maybe a MikroTik RB760iGS is interesting, probably soon stable, now rc. See RB760iGS (hEX S) stable? Personally I try to separate Wifi und LAN now in 2 boxes for secutrity reasons, but I am at the beginning of my thoughts.

My Archer C7 v2 runs 19.07.3 and is quite stable.
I am also on the way to separate AP and router functionality. Just found RE450 for AP, but I do not want to hijack the topic.

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Maybe this discussion helps for your decision:

If you need a wireless bridge, I recommend an Atheros chip, couldn't get it work with other chips a few years ago.

https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B085S1MXRV runs fine here.
If you hit the coupon button, its around 32€...