Looking for a Cheap OpenWrt-Compatible Router for Gaming and Streaming in the Netherlands

interesting, so it seems the stock fw is rejecting the openwrt ones.
what's the fw version on your router ?

any ideas, @nicefile & @jetsnguns ?

how do I check the FW version if I can't get past the web recovery? also it seems i'm not the only one as someone else on the old pr had a similar issue, I also tried to install the latest stock firmware but again I'm only able to boot into the web recovery, I also tried a different browser with no success.

My router is currently not with me, but I remember updating firmware only once right after purchasing it. I think the version was MR70X(EU)_V1_201127 or MR70X(EU)_V1_201222. I was still experiencing some random WiFi problems after updating though.

I tried flashing the first and latest official firmware but I'm still stuck in the web recovery

I posted a new forum post under the support and development section with an updated list of all the steps I've taken, I'm aware this forum post is most likely in the process of being moved but I felt like this would be a better idea.

The new forum post can be found here: Flashing Mercusys MR70X

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