Looking for a Bluetooth dongle that works


I am trying to find a bluetooth dongle to use on my openwrt device (GL-AR300M).

What I want is to play audio from my phone via the speakers connected to my openwrt device (ie an a2dp sink).

I have installed all the software needed and the bluetooth stack works with a very old bluetooth 2.0 dongle, however it does not work with the bluetooth 5.0 dongle I want to use.

The dongle itself works perfectly on my Linux-box, however there I needed to locate some firmeware-file and install that on my system to make it work, so I am not surprised that it does not work on openwrt.

My question is now: I need a bluetooth dongle that can support the a2dp profile and works on openwrt - how can I find such a device?

Many thanks!

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