Looking for a 4G LTE router with WiFi 6E

My budget is max. around 400€. I found out gL-Inet Spitx AX as a good device since it pre-installed OpenWRT. It doesnt support WiFi6E, but it is ok. However, it is still in pre-order phase. Can anyone recommend another router?

This is incorrect, the device is not supported by OpenWrt™ so far at all.

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They wrote it on the website: https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-x3000/#pre-order:

Runs on OpenWrt 21.02 (Kernel version 5.4)

Spitz AX runs on GL.iNet's latest SDK4.0+ firmware and presents a user-friendly interface for common users to set up the router with minimal inputs, and an extended customization experience for advanced users to install plug-ins and applications. Spitz AX runs on GL.iNet's proprietary firmware based on OpenWrt (v21.02 Kernel version 5.4), supporting more than 5,000 ready-made plug-ins for customization

Their private variant.

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Emphasis mine, in other words 'not OpenWrt at all' - neither the device, nor the underlying SOC, are supported by OpenWrt at this point.

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Ahh ok, thank you guys for pointing out that they use their proprietary one.

You might consider looking into a WiFi 6E router and an LTE dongle or a system with a mPCIe slot for an LTE module.

I did a search for capable, affordable and available LTE routers two months ago and I wasn't very successful. None of the devices I found meet your requirements of WiFi 6E (not even WiFi 6).

  • The TP-Link MR600v2 is an option (only WiFi 5), but you need a patch and need to build your own snapshot image. I had it for two weeks before selling it again.
  • The ZyXEL NR7101 seems to be a good option regarding 5G connectivity, but as an outdoor solution it only has 2.4G WiFi. Way too expensive.

In the end, I explored some new devices:

  • old Alcatel HH40V - very bad WiFi and terrible OEM software, working now with OpenWrt but more out of curiosity
  • ZTE MF282 aka DreiTube (provider branded); working fine, but only WiFi 5; makes a nice AP because of the design.
  • ZTE MF287+ aka DreiNeo (provider branded); relatively capable CPU and LTE modem, but again only WiFi 5
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Thanks @andyboeh for mentioning some devices! But the ZTE router is not easy to find online.
I found out OrangePi 5B https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BZ4BTLXS, which is quite new.
How difficult is it to configure and build OpenWrt for that board? It has the same processor as Nanopi R6S.