Looking for 5G NR / 4G LTE router with these specifications

Could anyone suggest an ODM/OEM router model in China or Taiwan that is within the Target Price Per Unit range of 40 to 50 USD Per Unit (i.e. without the 5G NR or 4G LTE module price included within this Price) and that supports the following specifications listed below.

  1. Dual or Quad Core CPU
  2. 1GB or Higher RAM
  3. 128 MB or Higher Flash Memory
  4. 2 x m.2 slots (B Key)
  5. 2 x SIM Card slots
  6. 4 x GbE LAN Ports
  7. 1 x GbE WAN Port
  8. WiFi6
  9. OpenWRT

Please kindly let us know in case you know any good performance router model that is able to meet the above pricing and the above specifications.


Probably one will appear in 10 years.

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We are already developing one model that has quite close specs and is in the slightly higher price range. I am sure that the router model with the specs and pricing which I have requested already exists in the market. Just that we need to find it.

Thanks anyways for your quick response.

i think SIM slot does not exist without GSM module.