Lookin for 802.11ax capable AP to go with HP T740 router

So lightning destroyed my beloved APU2D4. So I have an HP T740 on the way but its limited space may not easily fit a solid DBDC card. So I am going to split the functions, let the router be a router and then have an AP.

Are there any good cheapish 820.11ax AP's? 2x2? The brunt of the work will be done by the T740 so it can be real basic.

Thanks for any suggestions.

TP-Link EAP615-Wall e.g. ... Got one here, very happy about it. Requires PoE+ switch or injector though.

Supported AX devices:

Ty Borromini!

Thanks frollic, for just a plain AP I could even go without openwrt, since the router I will build on the T740 will be doing the heavy lifting.

depends on your budget.

Well I should plan better so lets say $200. 1Gbps uplink to the AP is fine because 80% of my high BW clients in the apartment are hardwired, not wifi. All it must do is be an AP. Would be a plus if in case of the router feeding it failing it could pickup the routing load too with minor config change. So with that in mind needs at least one LAN port too. So;
OpenWRT capable preferred
1 WAN port 1Gbps
1 LAN port 1Gbps
802.11ac minimum ax preferred.

I am currently running on my backup/travel router that is a Gl.inet 750 Slate. CPU QCA9563, @775MHz SoC RAM 128MB, 802.11ac. It gets the job done but works pretty hard LOL

I use and love the U6-Lite, it's $100 not sure about your budget. Heard the $80 WAX214 is very good too.

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seems to be AX1800 as the WAX202, if you don't need something wall mountable, there's no point in going for the 214. instead of the 202.

and the 202 is supported by openwrt.

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I did see the commit just a couple days ago add support for the WAX202, don't know anything about that one but looks like a good option then.

I grabbed the WAX202. Beautifully simple device. Nice feature included to turn off all the LED's other than power.

Thank you everyone!

Flash 2022.03Rc6 and report back

LOL just tell me what to do why not. LOL

 OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc6, r19590-042d558536
root@OpenWrt:~# uptime
 23:35:58 up 39 min,  load average: 0.12, 0.14, 0.11

Working very well so far, set to dumb ap mode, applied update to base in opkg etc.
Sensors reporting temps.
LED settings working for LAN# interfaces

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