Logread -e pattern not working

I've run across a strange issue. Using logread -e "d.*mon" returns nothing, but passing it through grep with logread | grep "daemon" works. Is this a bug or does the -e switch only understand regex like (\w*[A-Z]) ? To that end, not even "d.*mon" works. I should think d.*fo returns lines with daemon.info, but instead, I find only one about my SSH authentication with dropbear.

I've looked on the LEDE issue tracker, and the GitHub page for the OpenWRT package (linked on the tracker) for anything related to logread, so either I have run across a bug, or I am not using this quite right -- I apologise if the latter is the case.

Running a WRT1900AC on LEDE 17.01.4.

I don't think -e is still supported. :weary:

Oh, heck. Well, at least that answers the spooky question. Thanks !

Well, 'logread -e' filters only the log messages, not the timestamp area, e.g.:

Tue Nov 14 04:00:00 2017 user.notice adblock-[3.2.0] info : start adblock processing ...

you can only filter within "adblock-[3.2.0] info : start adblock processing ..."

the source referenced above is totally outdated, look here for the current LEDE version (trunk): https://git.lede-project.org/?p=project/ubox.git;a=summary

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@zoecacnin and @dibdot
Sorry, I gave the wrong link of the code. Should not just randomly search in github. Below is the true link of ubox and -e is supported.