Logread: can't find syslogd buffer: No such file or directory

Hi All,

I am trying to run logread, but while trying to execute I'm getting an error message stated missing syslogd buffer. 
FYI: logread and syslogd is generated via busybox- 1.33 version in openwrt-21.02, whereas the PATH_LOG is pointed to **/dev/log** 

**logread -f**
**logread: can't find syslogd buffer: No such file or directory**

What device is this ?

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Access point

I didn't ask for the type of device.

Post the output of ubus call system board while you're at it.



if, for some strange reason, log config is missing, you could recreate it

        option log_file '/tmp/system.log'
        option log_size '128'

and then

ps | grep "log"
29581 root      1320 S    /sbin/logd -S 128
29582 root      1368 S    /sbin/logread -f -F /tmp/system.log -p /var/run/logread.1.pid -S 128

will indicate that log daemon is running

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we don't have support for ubus, we actually use dbus and we will be not able to update the system configurations via etc/config. So is there any other possible ways to get it done.

Install proper Openwrt?

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