Logout not possible

Where has the button with the user-logo in the upper right corner gone, where we could log out of the forum?

I f you hover over the empty space, it's still there (and you can click it/ log out), but the graphics ressource seems to have gone missing.

I see my logo there quite normally, but I have set a personal icon. Maybe the generic initial letter icon resources do not work (if you see no letter image there).

Indeed, the link is still there when hovering over it, but quite tiny...

@jow Any clue what happened?

@tmomas - not yet. Which browser is that?
I cannot reproduce that either.

I am currently browsing from phone with Edge and see only special logos of jow and me. Others show up as cross also in message list etc. So all the typical initial character logos are disabled.

Jow, you might test from a Private browsing session to eliminate cache.

Yes, I also just noticed that the avator icons were missing which led me to https://meta.discourse.org/t/letter-avatars-not-downloaded-if-discourse-is-behind-a-proxy/44486

Disabling that options made the icons re-appear. I think this should fix the upper right user menu icon as well.
@slh @tmomas - please verify.

@jow Yes, that fixed it.

Indeed, it's working again. Thanks a lot.