Login to external radius with user and password

I want to login nodogsplah with external radius with user and password.
radtest not exist in freeradius3
Whent I try with radclient i have "Segmentation fault" error
I have export LD_LIBRARY but same error:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/freeradius3

I have read this post:
And mention to @ahmar16

I only need to execute login command in a shell script to external radius server.


I believe the details I provided in the above link are still correct and as said radtest is not available in OpenWrt and so you have to test your configuration through a Linux PC to make sure everything works. Please consult the Wiki for how to do it.

If I remember correctly, I also had this error when I tried to use radclient for testing within the OpenWrt and so it fails.

I am not really sure about this but maybe someone else can help here.