Login into web interface by using new created user in OpenWrt

By default is root login there i can access all luci pages.I creaded new user that is admin and i want to access these user to all luci pages . so how to login by these user in luci web interface .
Can anyone guide me to how to login luci web interface by using new created user.?


openwrt for home routers apart from some file services and connection management... does not have a huge need for multi user featuresets... and done incorrectly, this can open big security holes... ( even most OEM routers do not have or have very limited multi user controls )... thus does not officially support multi user access to luci at the current time.

tweaking luci for multiple users was possible, at least up until a few months ago ( requires/d some code editing )... check here for some info on what is/was involved... a few months ago using the linked "beta-community". with the recent pace of luci, these instructions/code may be outdated...

I can see this sort of thing manifesting in the near future ( once luci code stabilizes )... as an official feature...

maybe if you explain why you want this it will help the community plan and implement it better if it is done soon.

i.e. if you have a user that can access all areas, why you need it in the first place?

This is not yet officially supported since the root user is hardcoded in various places.

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