Logging TTL Serial with an Arduino on Linksys WRT3200ACM

I'm having issues with mwlwifi driver and I want to report a log to find what is causing the problem...

The router sometimes locks-up or reboots... logging to an USB flash drive doesn't work because the log is stopped before the lock-up or reboot...

The only solution is to log via Serial cable... I don't have an USB TTL Serial cable, but I saw you can do with an Arduino Uno (which I have one)

My only concern is the Arduino is 5V and the router is 3.3V, I only need use the Ground and (router) TX -> RX (arduino) pins to receive the log... so this shouldn't be a problem? right?

I also have an Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter if 3.3V is really needed...

My concern I don't what to fry my expensive router...

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I think you need to use a TTL converter 5v -> 3,3v, otherwise you can ruin the port at wrt3200.

Raspberry pi serial should work if you have one handy

I have an Raspberry PI 3

Voltage pin isn't utilized on the WRT AC Series for the serial connection. Normally, the voltage pin would be used to supply voltage to the board without a power supply.

You may already know this, but if you don't, the Marvell driver for the WRT3200 has had issues since the WRT3200 was released when utilized on non-OEM firmware. Have you compiled the most recent 88W8964 version from 2 week ago?

Yes I know, I have davidc502 build... this problem is this one: https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/212

I will reopen because the problem still exists even with the latest commit from 88W8964

I will open my WRT3200ACM to Serial to know what is really happening on lockup / reboot

I don't know what exactly to do to the router spit the error though serial... if you can give to me any advice would be appreciated...