Logging to remote server


Normally this should be easy doing, have a Synology with protocoll center running. There i set up an incoming log for my router IP and defined BSD Style, Port 514, TCP.

But using system / system / logging on my openwrt results to nothing. No response on openwrt and no log data on the synology. So what's the magic here, why does this config send nothing as the luci page suggest? Is this functional at all?

Always worked for me. But I never use LuCi, as I only have self built image.
Check firewall counters on server, port 514: Any packets ?
On openwrt, there should be an active process doing the transmission. Log in via ssh, and the "ps". You should notice.

Didn't know this existed.

  • Can you paste your config system section of /etc/config/system?