Logging incoming connections with LEDE?

Hello. I'm nothing close to a sysadmin and I have no idea how to use iptables or anything of that sort.

What I do know is that I just had to replace the firmware on my router from its stock firmware (LinkSys Smart Wifi, it's a WRM1900ACS) to LEDE because I'm getting a lot of fishy incoming connections all to the same port that the old firmware didn't have an option to block.

Now I'm stuck though. I can figure out blocking any incoming connections that use the port, but I don't know anymore how to find incoming connections. On my old firmware, there was a simple tab that showed recent incoming connections and what port they were trying to connect to. It looked like this:

If I were able to get this functionality in LEDE somehow, it would be immensely helpful (and be the entire reason I got LEDE in the first place).

In LuCI, select Status > Realtime Graphs.

Click on the Connections tab and scroll down past the graphs.

In System, you can set up logging and define an external system log server, such as a USB drive, laptop, NAS.

In the Firewall > WAN > Advanced settings, you can enable logging for the zone.

I use Visual Syslog server to view the log.

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All inbound and redirected WAN connections are blocked by default by fw3, so those connections are being initiated by a device on your LAN. netstat -anprw should help you determine what LAN IP is the culprit.