Logfiles - where are the files placed in Linux file system and how to interpret messages


I'm experiences network problems and I am trying to figure out Linux/OpenWrt logsystem, so:

Were is the logfile witch is named System Log in LUCI interface placed in the linux filesystem?
(Can not find it when I SSH to router and I would like to do grep stof)

LUCI interface System Log says:
Tue Dec 27 21:12:53 2022 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'lan1' link is down

Does this mean that someon has access to my router and turning the LAN interface down ???

Thank you

dmesg will print the log file.

It isn't written, due to flash wear.

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In RAM. There is no file.

Likely you just have a dsa switch control enabled router, and the device connected to switch port 1 is turned off. (Port 1 in dsa is usually called lan1)

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Great thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks - that's quick :+1:

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