Locked out of EAP 225

Back in May I was fiddling around with trying to get an EAP225v3 WAP working which was partly successful. Then I was pulled away by other life matters and have not had time to devote to it since then.

Finally I get this thing out of the drawer and I'm a bit stuck. I can't seem to get back into it. Also, unhelpfully, I can't recall what I was doing before putting it away. I do vaguely recollect being in the middle of something though. Possibly attempting to follow instructions from this page on WAPs (which looks to have been updated in the meanwhile).

  • I can see it via the router's GUI
  • attempted to ssh to ip indicated (assigned by router) but cannot get past password prompt. uncharacteristically I seem to have no notes about what it might be. the password manager is vacant.
  • I was advised to install 21.02.0-rc1 andI have the upgrade file downloaded but I do not think it actually got done. I believe I was still running 19.x squashfs-factory

Something to know about me is that I'm a novice, and I've likely forgotten a bunch of what I learned in the interim. I do have notes but they are pretty messy as I hadn't yet consolidated my understanding.

Found this page, Failsafe Mode, Factory Reset, and Recovery Mode, and I am not sure which if any of these to do because I recall reading that this device will become bricked if improperly reset.

Sooo I'm going to keep looking in case I have an ssh key or a scrap of paper or a text file with login credentials (it's been years since I misplaced a password and I'm really not sure how it happened), but I'm not terribly hopeful about that; what would I be wanting to do if none are found?

There are debricking instructions in the git commit.

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Serial port access for debricking requires fine soldering.

thaaaat's what I was thinking of.

You should also be able to use the reset button (which is just another GPIO, not a hardware reset) to enter the failsafe mode. If you have access to the device, the usual LED sequence indicates when the firmware is waiting to be interrupted. Although I think if you hold the button down from the moment it boots, you will also enter failsafe mode :slight_smile:

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