Lock to a MAC address as a wifi client

Is there a way to connect to a wifi as a client and stay locked to a certain MAC address? Not bouncing around because I use the "name"?
I'm connecting to Xfinity hotspot but I want to stay connected to a certain MAC with the best signal. Sometimes the router connects to other signals.

In LuCi under Wireless/AP/edit is an option to use BSSID when associating with an AP. You must be using the AP you desire when you check it.

I cannot say exactly where it is because I don't have a router around me right now, set up like that, to look at.

So, look for "use BSSID" and that is, literally, using the MAC address.
Mostly used when multiple APs have the same name but you want to lock in only one.

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Found it, I didn't know what BSSID is for :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Glad to help.

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